Arger fen sm


a new print and card for the suffolk wildlife trust

Last year I was asked by Michael Strand of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust to produce a print for their 2013 Christmas card. Michael wanted me to base my print on one of the Trusts reserves. In the end we chose Arger Fen. A reserve that is part ancient woodland, part meadow fen. This makes for interesting contrasts of dry wooded hillsides with a damp valley floor. We visited on a very cold December morning. Ager Fen is known for it’s wild cherry trees. In winter they stand out as dramatic jagged shapes. The damp ground forms ponds amongst the trees and on our visit these were solid ice. It was too cold to sketch, almost too cold to take photographs but that didn’t really matter because it is absorbing the atmosphere of a place that is most important. Whilst out walking I’m always observing the tiniest detail, storing it away for future reference so I can call on it again when I’m back in my studio planning a new print. I try to recall how a place made me feel. Being in Arger Fen wood on that particularly frosty morning is something that has stayed in my visual memory. The coldness, the stillness, the way the hoar frost covered the seedheads of the traveller’s joy. It was enough to spark my imagination and make me wonder what it might have been like the night before when the skies cleared, the temperature dropped and everything turned to ice.

‘Silent Night’ Linocut 340mm x 240mm £130 plus £6 P&P (special price until 31.12.2013) contact me for further details



Silent Night is available as a christmas card
from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

£2.50 for a pack of six cards. Left blank for your own message. 100% goes to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.