The first I’ve known all my life the other is known by thousands who appreciate British sculpture.

 Spa Garden is based on the sea front gardens in Felixstowe. Although the gardens are now a shadow of their former self, on a summers day they still transport me to a time when the British seaside holiday was a glamorous affair. When I was a child the maze of paths snaking through trees and shrubbery had the feel of a secret garden. Walking those paths now it’s nice to know that I’m enjoying the same views and sunny, sheltered spots that my parents and grandparents did.

The good news is that, with the help of lottery funding, the gardens are now in the process of restoration.

Barbara’s Garden was inspired by my first visit to Barbara Hepworth’s garden and studio in St Ives. Her sculptures viewed amongst and between the palms and undergrowth in this modest and intimate space provide the perfect back drop.

Spa sm

Spa Garden lithograph 42×75 cm

Barbara's sm

Barbara’s Garden lithograph 42×75 cm